A Day at El Pueblo Spanish Camp

At El Pueblo, we immerse our campers in Spanish and create spaces for them to dive into the language through games, songs, sports, art, and more! Keep reading for a deeper look into the El Pueblo camper experience…

But what does a typical day at El Pueblo look like?
Kids Playing Frisbee at Spanish Camp

8:00 AM – ¡Buenos días!

Time to wake up!

8:30 AM – Desayuno 

Eat a delicious breakfast with your cabin group, often with items you might find on the table in Latin America or Spain. Shane, our camp chef and owner of High Haute Foods catering company, has created a delicious menu for the summer that will allow you to have a cultural experience with your taste buds. You’ll probably see a few dishes that you are familiar with and others that you’ll get to try for the first time.

9:15 AM – La Limpieza

Participate in caring for and cleaning the camp community. You get to help keep El Pueblo clean, safe, and beautiful! Each day, you take ownership for cleaning one area of our camp community.

9:50 AM – Energía

Get active with fellow campers in an active activity of your choice. One day you might play fútbol, baloncesto, or disco volador. On another day you might try a traditional game from a Spanish speaking country, like pañuelo from the Dominican Republic.

10:35 AM – La Refacción

Take a quick break, eat a snack, and chat with your friends. In Guatemala, la refa is a common way to refer to a snack.

10:55 AM – Aprendices 1

Practice your Spanish with other campers who have a similar Spanish-level as you. Twice a day, you will receive focused, dedicated time to get Spanish input that is interesting and that you understand.

Teens at Spanish Camp Having Fun

11:40 AM – Desarrollo Independiente

Hang out and play with friends during your free-time. We encourage campers to find ways to develop their relationships with others, pursue personal growth, and work on Spanish. You can read a good book in Spanish, write a letter home, play games with friends, y más. In this time you can choose to participate (or not) in activities that counselors offer on a daily basis.

12:20 PM – Conexiones

Play a game with the entire camp community! Sometimes, we might go to the pool or walk to the park.

1:00 PM – Almuerzo

Eat lunch and chat with a mixed group of campers.

1:45 PM –  Biblioteca

Take some time to browse our library of books. Borrow a book to read during la siesta or Desarrollo Independiente.

1:55 PM – Siesta

Take a nap, write a letter, or read a book while you relax in your bunk.

2:40 PM – Aprendices 2

Meet with your Spanish group again for fun, interactive learning activities.

3:30 PM – ¡La Casa Unida!

Spend some quality time bonding with your cabin. You and your cabin mates will choose what you do each day at this time together.

4:05 PM – La Reunión

Join the entire El Pueblo community in dance, song, chants, and more! This is our afternoon meeting, where we make announcements and enjoy some time together with all of our campers and staff.

4:40 PM – Aventura Cultural

Learn about a cultural aspect of the Spanish speaking world. Our counselors bring a lot of diversity to camp, and this is a time for you to learn about a piece of culture that is meaningful to one of them. You might choose to practice dancing cumbia from Colombia, make traditional máscaras from Ecuador, or learn about popular festivales in Spain.

5:30 PM – El Teatro

Watch some of your favorite counselors bring a story to life during the afternoon theatre performance.

6:00 PM – Cena

Eat dinner (and sometimes dessert!) with your cabin.

7:05 PM – Programa de Noche

We always end the day with an activity for the entire El Pueblo community. For an example, see the video below where our campers enjoyed the Caja Misteriosa activity at El Pueblo 2018.

9:10 PM – Casa Charla 

After a full day of adventures, take some time to reflect with your cabin mates. At El Pueblo, we work hard to create a reflective culture where sharing and talking about our experiences is a natural part of our day.

9:50 PM – ¡Buenas Noches!

El Pueblo y La Caja Misteriosa

Here's another look into what camp is like at El Pueblo! The "Caja Misteriosa" evening program was UN ÉXITO TOTAL. What an awesome week! #learnersandlovers #aprendicesyamantes (Music: https://www.bensound.com)

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We’ll probably make some final tweaks to this schedule as camp nears in an effort to make every day as INCREÍBLE as possible. At El Pueblo our campers experience what it’s like to really communicate in Spanish while making friends and fun memories that will last a lifetime.

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