What’s New from Language South?

El Pueblo’s Head Chef – Shane Stone

Food is a big part of culture, and at El Pueblo Spanish Camp we incorporate that cultural element into our meals each day. Last summer, our campers told us that they loved la comida! Many even mentioned it as one of their favorite parts of camp. Read on to learn more about our increíble head

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Counselor Spotlight – Benjamín

In this blog you’ll get to know 2019 counselor Benjamín. He told us what he loves about El Pueblo Spanish camp, as well as the Spanish language and cultures. We’re excited to have him back as a counselor, and our Assistant Program Director, for El Pueblo 2019! Where do you live? Atlanta, GA. What do

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Claudia is a Spanish teacher at the Chattanooga School of Language.

Tu vecino – Claudia Rodríguez

Our Chattanooga area is home to many awesome Spanish-speakers. In our Tu vecino blog, we highlight some of our incredible Spanish-speaking neighbors! For this month’s post, Teo met up with Claudia Rodríguez at the Chattanooga School of Language. In this blog, learn more about her and how she came to be a Spanish teacher in Chattanooga, TN.

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Spanish Resource Recommendation – CHArlanooga

Today, we’re highlighting the  CHArlanooga Spanish conversation group. It’s a facebook group for people in Chattanooga who want to mingle and practice their Spanish. The CHArlanooga group meets on the third Tuesday of each month to have coffee or eat dinner. And we speak Spanish, por supuesto! This is a great way to get to

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Update From Teo

Teo’s March Update – A Video Blog!

It’s been more than three months since Teo’s last update on Language South and a lot has happened since then. In the vlog below, Teo talks about the new office, new counselors, and more!   Click here to learn more about Teo and Emi, our awesome camp directors! Language South aims to create an engaging

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