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Summer 2019 Update from Teo

Post-Camp Update 2019

Hola todos, Teo here, and I hope your summer is going well! It’s been about three months since our last update and a lot has happened since then. In short, we did Spanish camp and it was awesome! You can hear me share a little about it in the two minute video below (or scroll

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El Pueblo’s Head Chef – Shane Stone

Food is a big part of culture, and at El Pueblo Spanish Camp we incorporate that cultural element into our meals each day. Last summer, our campers told us that they loved la comida! Many even mentioned it as one of their favorite parts of camp. Read on to learn more about our increíble head

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A Day at El Pueblo Spanish Camp

At El Pueblo, we immerse our campers in Spanish and create spaces for them to dive into the language through games, songs, sports, art, and more! Keep reading for a deeper look into the El Pueblo camper experience… But what does a typical day at El Pueblo look like? 8:00 AM – ¡Buenos días! Time

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Language and Culture Ambassadors

Para leer este blog en español haz clic aquí. At El Pueblo Spanish Camp, we immerse our campers in a Spanish-speaking world. In order to offer a glimpse into a variety of cultures and perspectives we invite some native Spanish speakers to participate in camp, too. Keep reading to learn more about our Language and

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¿Dónde está el baño?

So, they say that one of the first phrases you should learn before traveling to a Spanish-speaking country is “¿Dónde está el baño?” or “Where is the bathroom?” In this blog you’ll not only learn where the bathrooms are but also information about our camp location, dining hall, cabins, and more! Booker T. Washington State

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