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Graded Readers – Spanish Resource Recommendation

In this blog, we share about our favorite language learning resources: graded readers. Read on to learn about some of our favorites! Graded readers are books written just for language learners. They often have limited vocabulary and more simplified language than you might find in other books. You probably read books like these as a

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Spanish Resource Recommendation – CHArlanooga

Today, we’re highlighting the  CHArlanooga Spanish conversation group. It’s a facebook group for people in Chattanooga who want to mingle and practice their Spanish. The CHArlanooga group meets on the third Tuesday of each month to have coffee or eat dinner. And we speak Spanish, por supuesto! This is a great way to get to

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Pablo Pankun Román from the Dreaming Spanish YouTube Channel

Resource Recommendation: Dreaming Spanish

In this blog, we’ll share about the Spanish learning videos on the Dreaming Spanish YouTube Channel. Scroll down to see some specific video suggestions! Basic Information Resource Type: YouTube channel created by Pablo Pakun Román for beginning and intermediate Spanish learners. How to Access It: Click here! Ages: We recommend Dreaming Spanish for learners 10 and up. Many videos

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Spanish Resource Recommendation – GPB’s Salsa

With all the great resources available online, the challenge can be sorting through them and finding ones that work well for you. Through our resource recommendation blogs, we hope to help those lifelong learners who are looking for resources by highlighting some resources that we love! Today, we’re highlighting the GPB show Salsa, which is

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