Emi and Dustino talking. Counselor Spotlight.

Counselor Spotlight – Dustino

In this blog you’ll get to know 2019 counselor Dustino. He told us what he loves about El Pueblo Spanish camp, as well as the Spanish language and cultures. We’re excited to have him back as a counselor for El Pueblo 2019!

What do you love about El Pueblo Spanish Camp?

El Pueblo has a great environment, primarily focused on lovers and learners. I also learn a lot from not only the team, but also the campers, helping me to be more confident in communicating in Spanish.

What is your experience with Spanish language and cultures?

I have been learning Spanish over the past seven years, and am currently doing my internship at a local high school, where I learn something new every day, whether it be from students or my cooperating teacher. I will be graduating with a degree in both Spanish literature and culture, and have had the opportunity to study abroad for one semester in Spain during my undergrad. If I could give college students any advice, it would be to study abroad when given the chance. #neverstoplearning

How do you continue to learn and share Spanish language and cultures?

My passion is the ability to teach people new things. I use the classroom environment to focus on not only communication in Spanish, but also breaking down walls of cultural ignorance. Like I mentioned earlier, I never stop learning from the students in my class, nor the campers of El Pueblo. Camp is a great way to share those experiences as well as learn about different cultures.

What is your favorite Spanish speaking country you’ve been to?

I studied abroad in Spain, which was the best experience of my life! During the semester I was there, I had the opportunity to travel a majority of the country. Things in Spain are ancient, the dialect is pure, and the structural works are something that I had never seen before. My favorite place was La Sagrada Familia, built by Gaudí in the late 1800s and still being built (not remodeled) today.

Where do you live?

I live in Florence, Alabama, a small town in Muscle Shoals.

What do you do?

I will be graduating from the University of North Alabama in spring of 2019 with a major in Spanish Education. I am currently doing my internship at Florence High School, while working part-time at a Mexican Cantina.


We are super excited that some of our consejeros increíbles (like Dustino) are returning for another summer at El Pueblo Spanish Camp. They were fundadores of Language South’s first summer of El Pueblo Spanish Camp in 2018. Keep an eye out for more staff spotlight blogs. Maybe you will see more of your favorite counselors from last summer!

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