Counselor Spotlight – Sayuri

In this blog you’ll get to know another 2018 founding counselor, Sayuri. She told us what she loves about El Pueblo Spanish camp, as well as the Spanish language and cultures. We’re excited to have her back as a counselor for El Pueblo 2019!

What do you love about El Pueblo Spanish Camp?

The passion for teaching foreign languages to young children and the love and support from both the directors and my fellow counselors.

What is your experience with Spanish language and cultures?

All of my family is from Mexico and I have been speaking Spanish my entire life. We have also practiced all of the Mexican traditions that our culture comes with. I especially love when I go home to see my mom, and she makes chilaquiles, a traditional Mexican breakfast, for me.

How do you continue to learn and share Spanish language and cultures?

I try to get out of my comfort zone and learn and talk to people from other Latin American cultures to get a bigger perspective on the cultures the Spanish language brings.

What is your favorite word in Spanish and what does it mean?

It is more like a phrase – “No manches”. It means “no way” or “you’re kidding”.

Where do you live?

I am originally from Nashville, but I am currently living in Chattanooga due to school!

What do you do?

I am a full-time student majoring in Spanish and French here at UTC. I am also a server part time.

We are super excited that some of our consejeros increíbles (like Sayuri) are returning for another summer at El Pueblo Spanish Camp. They were fundadores of Language South’s first summer of El Pueblo Spanish Camp in 2018. Keep an eye out for more staff spotlight blogs. Maybe you will see more of your favorite counselors from last summer!

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