Doorway to Mexico – Resource Recommendation

Doorway to Mexico is a podcast for intermediate and advanced Spanish learners. Paulina, a Spanish teacher in Mexico, hosts the show. The show features her student, Michael, and his family. Michael and his family are visiting Mexico from the United States. In the episodes, we go along with Michael and his family as they explore Mexico. We get to listen in on their different experiences in Mexico. Episodes include their checking into a hotel, visiting the doctor and getting pulled over by a police officer in Mexico City among other topics. In the episodes, we hear Michael and his family have conversations with the Mexican people that they encounter.

At the end of the episode, Paulina, Michael and his family begin a discussion of their conversation. They often note Mexican-specific expressions that they heard. In the free version, this discussion gets cut off by the theme music before it finishes. If you pay for access to the bonus materials, you’ll have access to the full discussion along with transcripts and study guides.

This podcast is a great option for Spanish learners who want more exposure to the Mexican variety of Spanish. Because it’s made for language learners, it can be a great listening resource even for those who are not yet at a level to understand Spanish podcasts made for Spanish speakers. Additionally, they intentionally highlight and explain some interesting cultural aspects. This podcast is a great listening resource for any Spanish learner, especially one with a particular interest in Mexico.

The website also features a blog by Paulina. In the blog, she highlights different cultural aspects of Mexico.

Resource Type: Podcast

How to access it: or your favorite podcast app

Ages: All

Levels: Intermediate/Advanced

Price: The podcast is available for free. Resources related to the episode including transcripts, study guides, and an extended round table discussion are available for $50 for the full series.

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