El Pueblo Spanish Camp 2019

Language South Presents: El Pueblo Spanish Camp 2019

una comunidad — una aventura — un campamento de verano a community — an adventure — a summer camp

Six Night Main Camp: June 9-15, 2019

Open to campers currently in 3rd through 10th grade.
$995 Tuition Assistance Available*

Three Night Mini Camp: June 4-7, 2019

Open to campers currently in kindergarten through 5th grade.
$595 Tuition Assistance Available*

*To apply for tuition assistance, complete the registration as usual and select “I want to apply for tuition assistance” on the final page.

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Campers and one counselor playing a language learning game. Two boys at camp designing a poster.

On a typical day, El Pueblo campers might…

  • try arroz con pollo for the first time in the comedor.
  • learn a new dance, or play a traditional game from a Spanish speaking country.
  • relax, write a letter, or read during a siesta (rest period) after lunch each day.
  • play four-square or paint a picture with their friends during free time.
  • watch their cabin counselor play the villain or the hero in a theatrical performance.
  • choose to challenge themselves to try Súper Español and speak Spanish all day.
  • work together with other campers to find clues and solve riddles during the evening program.
  • have a reflective, open conversation with their cabinmates to debrief the day before bed.

RISAS Y SONRISAS: We believe that learning happens best when accompanied by “risas y sonrisas” or “laughs and smiles.”

A counselor teaches a Dominican dance to our campers.


How much Spanish do kids/teens have to know to come to camp?

We welcome and support campers of all language levels, including complete beginners!

Do campers have to speak Spanish the whole time while they are at camp?

Our team encourages campers to speak Spanish, but no campers are required to speak only in Spanish while at camp.

Do your staff members speak English?

Yes! All of our staff members speak English, but will speak it to campers only at very specific times (during a nightly cabin reflection, when needed for safety, etc.)

Can Language South accommodate my camper’s dietary needs?

With advanced notice we can accommodate many common dietary needs such as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free. Please reach out to us directly about any particular health needs or concerns.

What kind of Spanish do you use at El Pueblo?

Our camp celebrates all kinds of Spanish! The Spanish we use at camp reflects the diversity of the Spanish language spoken around the world.

Campers and Counselors gather around for the "Teatro." Campers participate in an outdoor relay race. One happy camper relaxes in a hammock.

Our Mission and Values:

At Language South our mission is to create an engaging and supportive community that inspires and develops lifelong learners and lovers of languages and cultures.

At El Pueblo, we aim to create a community that revolves around being Aprendices (Learners) and Amantes (Lovers).

Aprendices find new ways to grow, reflect on their experiences, and ask for the help they need.

Amantes celebrate the successes of others, get to know and accept all members of their community, and take the time to learn about and appreciate other people and cultures.

We believe that learning and loving happens best in a diverse community.

We embrace and value the wide array of races, ethnicities, religious beliefs, gender identities and expressions, physical and learning abilities, languages, national origins, political affiliations, sexual orientations, socio-economic statuses, and life experiences represented among the members of our community. Our counselors and campers alike get excited about experiencing community with people who are different than us, and actively encourage, learn from, and celebrate the diverse members of our community.

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Campers dance and clap during the daily song time.