Language South Update: Fall 2019

¡Hola amigos! 

It’s Emi here to give you a quick update about what we’ve been up to for the past two months! Check out the quick video update that Paige and I made or scroll down for a summary! 

What’s been going on at Language South?

  1. Teo’s in China working on his Mandarin skills! What a life-long learner and lover of languages and culture, right?
  2. We recently announced our dates for El Pueblo 2020, and we opened registrations and tuition assistance applications! We’ll be doing a mini-camp and main camp again in 2020! Click here for dates, rates, and a link to register or apply for tuition assistance!
  3. We’re looking for native Spanish-speakers in 9th, 10th, or 11th grade to apply to be in our Language & Culture Ambassadors program. They can come to El Pueblo Spanish Camp for free with a scholarship! Click here to read more about that program.
  4. We’re working on making it easier for you to help us connect with kids and teens who would love El Pueblo! Let us know if you’d like a copy of our camp ambassador handbook!
  5. We’ll be opening our staff application for summer 2020 soon! Know someone who would be a great Language South counselor? Send them our way!
  6. We’ve opened our multilingual library up for lending! Check out this blog for all the details!
  7. Adult programs are in the works! Paige (aka Marisol) is working hard on developing some adult learning experiences this fall, and she’s got two exciting programs in the works! (1) She’s turning our office into a language-learner focused escape room! (2) She’s planning a Spanish immersion paint night!

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