This image highlights the J. A. Henry YMCA as one of Language South's biggest local supporters.

Community Spotlight – The J. A. Henry Community YMCA

The J. A. Henry Community YMCA has been one of our biggest supporters at Language South, from the very beginning. Starting with our first summer, their contributions to El Pueblo have allowed us to offer more scholarships to potential camper families. Thanks to the J. A. Henry YMCA, our Spanish camp has been accessible to more families and we have been able to enjoy a more diverse camp community each summer. But the J. A. Henry YMCA does a lot of great work beyond Language South. We thought we’d take a moment to tell you more about this organization that we are super proud to partner with.

This image shows campers from El Pueblo Spanish Camp playing soccer.

Youth Development

Like Language South, the J. A. Henry Community YMCA has a huge passion for youth development. They offer a number of programs for teens including these:

Open Air Academy – Young people grow as leaders in this program through facing awesome outdoor challenges like kayaking, rock climbing, and hang gliding.

BOLD & GOLD Adventure Trips – In these outdoor leadership development programs, boys and girls go camping, backpacking in the wilderness, and even canoe camping.

Youth Leadership Chattanooga – In this program, high school sophomores and juniors grow as engaged leaders in our local community. They learn about local history and government, and how they can play a role in making our city and county a better place to live.

Other programs that they offer for teens are Leaders Club, Model UN, and Youth Trust. Support from the YUSA Resident Camp Access Grant helps them to eliminate barriers such as costs, equipment, and transportation to bridge the gap for all youth and teens to experience the benefits of camping.

Food Programs

The J. A. Henry YMCA also dedicates a lot of time and resources to providing food to people all over our community. Their Mobile Market makes groceries available in some of Chattanooga’s food deserts on a weekly basis. Similarly, through their Food and Fun program, they also meet nutrition needs by providing free meals to thousands of children and teens across Hamilton County throughout the year in public places like parks and summer youth programs. One program said of their experience, “The meals you provided for our VBS were wonderful. I was elated to hear my 5-6 year old students talk about never having celery and realizing that they actually liked it!!!” Last summer alone, the J. A. Henry YMCA served over 220,000 meals!

Other Programs

Beyond the programs mentioned above, the J. A. Henry YMCA offers programming around swimming, addressing achievement gaps, literacy, and more. At Language South, we are especially excited about their plans to open a bilingual preschool in the coming year. We encourage you to follow them on Facebook to stay up-to-date on their latest work in our community!

This images shows some members of the J. A. Henry YMCA with a table at a community event.


We want to send out a big “gracias” to the J. A. Henry YMCA. They not only helped us to launch our Spanish camp and serve more campers, but they also do fantastic work throughout our Chattanooga community.

¡Gracias J. A. Henry YMCA!


Language South is proud to join organizations like the J. A. Henry YMCA in developing young people into effective leaders. Click here to learn more about our Language and Culture Ambassador leadership program for native speakers of Spanish.