Language and Culture Ambassadors

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At El Pueblo Spanish Camp, we immerse our campers in a Spanish-speaking world. In order to offer a glimpse into a variety of cultures and perspectives we invite some native Spanish speakers to participate in camp, too. Keep reading to learn more about our Language and Culture Ambassadors scholarship program at El Pueblo Spanish Camp.

What do the Language and Culture Ambassadors do at camp?

The Ambassadors help create a positive, inclusive camp environment. Their life experiences allow them to promote and celebrate Hispanic/Latino culture and the use of Spanish at camp. We develop them to be leaders within our community, so that they can set a positive example for others. They also model and promote our camp values of lifelong learning and loving others.

Who can apply?

This summer, we plan to invite four native Spanish-speakers currently in 9th, 10th or 11th grade to be Language and Culture Ambassadors at El Pueblo 2020.

How do they apply?

Interested campers, parents or family members can call and ask for Marisol at 423-771-9137, or email her at  To be considered for this program, the interested camper will be asked to fill out a paper application in Spanish. We can also facilitate completing this application over the phone. Potential campers are asked to participate in a short phone interview with a Language South team member.

When do they come to camp?

They will come to camp, at Booker T. Washington state park, from June 14-20.

How much does it cost?

Language and Culture Ambassadors receive a full scholarship to attend El Pueblo Spanish Camp. They participate in the program in exchange for their commitment to be leaders amongst their peers, promoting an environment of love and learning.

What do they get out of this experience?

At El Pueblo, we create an environment where we celebrate and learn about other cultures and encourage the use of Spanish. Our Ambassadors will develop their leadership skills in their role. We create a space where their native language is valued and encouraged, and hope that they leave camp even more proud of their heritage. Beyond sharing their own cultural heritage, Ambassadors learn about other Spanish-speaking countries and cultures that they may not yet be familiar with. We’re committed to making this a valuable developmental experience for all our Language and Culture Ambassadors.

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