Language South Update: Spring 2020

Hi everyone!

It’s Paige here with a quick update about what’s been going on at Language South the past few months! Watch this short video or read the summary below!

What’s been going on at Language South?

  1. We still have space and tuition assistance available for both sessions at El Pueblo Spanish Camp! Click here to learn about dates, rates, and more!
  2. We are opening our first ever English Immersion Day Camp over Hamilton County’s Spring Break in April. This program will be for current middle schoolers who receive ESOL support or classes. We have received a grant from the UNfoundation to be able to offer tuition assistance to campers, so please encourage interested families to get in touch with us! We plan to offer significant tuition assistance to make this program accessible to many families. Click here to learn more!
  3. We’re currently hiring for both of our camps! Here is a link to our staff interest form. Interested individuals can fill out that form to learn more about how to apply to work for Language South!
  4. Our multilingual lending library is now located inside the Chattanooga School of Language and is expanding fast! We have joined forces with CSL which has allowed us to add more books to our library. Now, we have over 350 books, mostly in Spanish, and some in other languages like French, German, and Chinese. You can click this link to learn how to sign up today!
  5. We have a new office! Recently, we moved in with Laurie at the Chattanooga School of Language and our organizations are now under the same roof! We are super excited about the synergy and collaboration that this change will bring!

Language South hopes to be able to expand to serve even more language learners in the future, and we need your help! Please help us spread the word about camp by sharing about your experiences with others!

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