Netflix en Español – Resource Recommendation

In this blog, you’ll learn how to watch Netflix shows in Spanish and turn binging into language learning.

Basic Information:

Resource Type: Movies and television shows in your target language.

Levels: Intermediate to advanced learners. If you’re able to enjoy the show or movie while watching it in your target language, your level is high enough for TV and movies!

Ages: All…as long as you pick a Netflix show or movie that’s age appropriate (we recommend parental review of content if you’re not already familiar with it).

Price: See for plan details

Your questions answered:

Does watching TV or movies really help me learn a language? 

Yes! We acquire languages when we’re able to understand meaningful (and ideally interesting) language coming into our head through listening or reading. Once your level is high enough to be able to follow what’s going on with the audio in your target language, TV and movies can be a great option for getting language in your head!

How do I change the language of a show on Netflix? 

Click on the speech bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the TV or computer screen.

What should I watch? 

There are so many options! You can either watch an English-language show or movie dubbed in the language you’re learning or watch a show or movie originally in that language. If you’re having trouble following along, try watching a sitcom that you already love but dubbed in your target language. Your familiarity with the show will help make the language easier to understand.

Not sure what shows are available in your target language? Go to to browse content by language. If you can’t figure out what to watch, we recommend watching Coco en español while it’s still available!

Is it cheating to use subtitles? 

No! Subtitles are fine if they help you understand. Ideally, you wouldn’t be relying entirely on subtitles in your 1st language, but if you glance down some, it’s no big deal. If you’re ready for it, we recommend putting the subtitles in the target language.

Don’t forget: the audio should be in your target language. If you only put the subtitles in your target language, your brain will always take the more efficient path of listening in your first language over reading in your second, and then you’re just watching TV.

It’s so frustrating! Should I just bear through it? 

Don’t torture yourself! If you can’t understand enough to enjoy the show or movie, and it’s stressing you out, try working on your language level in other ways. You can come back to TV and movies when you’re ready. Check out our other resource recommendation blogs for other ideas on how to work on your second language.

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