Kids and teens at camp playing a language learning game

Our Culture: Learners and Lovers

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In this blog you can learn more about our mission and values.

Our mission is what drives our decision-making every day in El Pueblo. Our values are the foundation for the kind community we want our campers and staff members to experience at camp. You may have seen our mission on a flyer or video, and/or our hashtags #learnersandlovers and #aprendicesyamantes.

Our Mission: To create an engaging and supportive community that inspires and develops lifelong learners and lovers of languages and cultures.

We believe that the summer camp setting is a uniquely appropriate place to experience success with learning a new language. The energetic, silly, and out-of-the-box nature of camp lends itself to a level of engagement that is difficult to replicate elsewhere. Camp also lends itself to a special kind of relationship building. In a couple of days, campers may feel more connected to their cabin mates than they do to most of their classmates after a year of school.

This special combination of engagement and community lends itself to a truly efficient and powerful language learning experience, and we realize that a language can’t be learned in a week. For this reason, our goal in building our camp community is more than just about learning languages at camp. Our team works hard to inspire and develop our campers to be lifelong learners and lovers of languages and cultures. We want their passion for languages to go with them when they leave El Pueblo each summer.

Our Values: Being Learners (Aprendices) and Lovers (Amantes)

This is how we describe our values of being “Learners” and “Lovers” to our staff members in our Staff Manual:

As Learners, we dedicate ourselves to the growth of our team, to our community, and ourselves. We develop a fun environment, recognizing that learning happens best when it’s accompanied by laughter and smiles. We learn each day from our successes and also from our mistakes, through reflection.

As Lovers, our team is characterized by the love we have for each other, for the people around us, and also for the people that are far from us. We always strive to show compassion in our words and actions, and by doing so we build a strong and inclusive community. There’s no job too big or too small that we wouldn’t do for the good of our community.

We want our campers to help us make these values a part of El Pueblo life, and we want every camper to experience this kind of community while they are with us.  As a team, we have to model and demonstrate our values, and not just talk about them, if we want to build a strong community of learners and lovers, and get our campers to join us in achieving our mission. We hope that when our campers leave our camp, they have not only grown as learners of languages but also as people who demonstrate love for others in their community.

Our team can’t wait to see a new group of counselors and campers join our community of Learners and Lovers at El Pueblo 2019!