Summer Jobs at Spanish Camp

Inspire young people to be lifelong learners and lovers of languages and cultures while working with a passionate bilingual team.

Looking for a summer job? Love speaking and thinking in two languages? Enjoy working hard to make an impact? Like playing and acting silly but also understand the responsibility of having young people in your care?

If you answered “¡Sí!”…you should think about applying for a job with us at El Pueblo Spanish Camp 2020!

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“I thought that camp was GREAT!! I really enjoyed the ‘canto’ because the campers were able to express themselves. The ‘programas de noche’ were amazing because each counselor was able to work on something he or she was confident with.” – Former Counselor

“Había un sentido de familia entre los consejeros. Me sentía más segura en mi puesto porque sabía que tenía tanto apoyo.” – Former Counselor

“Me gustó la unidad del equipo, la comida, el apoyo/amor y el ambiente en general.” – Former Counselor

Camp Counselors working together

Some Details for Summer 2020

  • Employment Dates: June 7 – June 21, 2020
  • Base Pay for First-Year Team Members: $400
  • Language Abilities: All candidates must speak English and Spanish (at least at a level that allows them to spend the whole day speaking only in Spanish without relying on English)
  • Age Requirements: We welcome applications from adults of all ages. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and graduated from high school by June 6th, 2020.
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Will this job be a good fit for me?

We’ll build our team with people who are excited about our mission and ready to demonstrate the core values that come with it: #learnersandlovers #aprendicesyamantes

Our mission is to create an engaging and supportive community that inspires and develops lifelong learners and lovers of languages and cultures.

On our team, we model being a learner when we are reflective and open about our strengths and challenges, ask for help, and embrace opportunities for growth.

We model being a lover by looking out for our campers and teammates, recognizing and celebrating when other people are rocking it, and by demonstrating interest in our local and global communities.

These values also mean that we value a diverse team and a diverse camp community. We believe that we learn most when working in diverse teams and that we should be ready to welcome and embrace others even when they are different from us. Our camp community will be diverse in ethnicity, religion, heritage, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, language levels, and more. Our team members need to be excited about living and working in a diverse group.

But, “is it fun?” you ask…YES! But it’s also really hard.

Your friends may think you’re off goofing around in the woods, but there’s a lot more to working in youth development. You’ll be responsible for the safety and development of young people whose parents are trusting you. That’s a big deal. You’ll also be working long days, lots of them outside in the heat, and sleeping in a cabin with no A/C and a group of kids.

For the right person, it can be the most rewarding summer job in the world, the kind of job you finish feeling exhausted, but like you contributed to making the world a better place, grew as a person, and made friends that will last a lifetime. But…don’t say we didn’t warn you—it’s a hard job.

Interested in learning more? ¡Genial!

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We’ll send you more information about the positions available and the link to our application.

Curious about what staff training looks like? Check out this video from staff training 2018.