Pablo Pankun Román from the Dreaming Spanish YouTube Channel

Resource Recommendation: Dreaming Spanish

In this blog, we’ll share about the Spanish learning videos on the Dreaming Spanish YouTube Channel. Scroll down to see some specific video suggestions!

Basic Information

Resource Type: YouTube channel created by Pablo Pakun Román for beginning and intermediate Spanish learners.

How to Access It: Click here!

Ages: We recommend Dreaming Spanish for learners 10 and up. Many videos are perfect for all school-age learners or older, but some videos address cultural topics that might not be as engaging for young elementary schoolers. (Younger learners, check out our recommendation of GPB’s SALSA!)

Levels: This resource is best for novice and intermediate learners.

Price: Free online!

More Thoughts About Dreaming Spanish

Our camp director (Teo) includes Dreaming Spanish among his top Spanish resources of all time. It’s especially awesome for beginning learners. It can be difficult to find listening resources that are comprehensible for beginners. Pablo skillfully uses images in his videos to communicate with Spanish learners. He does a lot of videos where he draws what he’s talking about, for example. Many of his videos can even be understood by learners with no experience at all. Check out a couple Dreaming Spanish videos below!

Videos for “Superbeginners”

The first video that we’re sharing is one of Pablo’s “Superbeginner Spanish” videos. See if you can understand what fruits and vegetables he likes!


Videos for More Advanced Learners

Pablo also has videos for more advanced learners. For instance, the one below is about Spanish history during the time of the Roman Empire. See if you can recognize three Spanish cities that were founded by the Romans!

More About Pablo and Dreaming Spanish

As he demonstrates in his videos, Pablo is passionate about helping people learn languages. He aims to make a positive impact on the way languages are taught around the world. You can learn more about him and read about his approach to language teaching in his blog here.

Tell Us Your Favorite Spanish Resource!

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