Spanish Resource Recommendation – GPB’s Salsa

With all the great resources available online, the challenge can be sorting through them and finding ones that work well for you. Through our resource recommendation blogs, we hope to help those lifelong learners who are looking for resources by highlighting some resources that we love!

Today, we’re highlighting the GPB show Salsa, which is always my first recommendation for my elementary school students. It’s a great way for them to work on Spanish outside of the classroom. This kids’ show is available for free online and is completely in Spanish. The show is created with young language learners in mind. The Spanish kids hear in Salsa is simple and in a fun context that supports kids in following along. The show’s creators blend familiar stories, cultural lessons, and animations into an engaging and educational show. It’s definitely worth checking out!

Resource Type: Show created by Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) for young Spanish learners.

How to access it:

Ages: Salsa says it is for students in K-3rd grades. In our opinion, it would also be great for preschoolers and could be good for any older kids, teens, or adults who find it engaging enough to watch. 

Levels: This resource is best for novice learners.

Price: Free online!


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