El Pueblo’s Head Chef – Shane Stone

Food was a common theme when campers told us what they liked about camp last year!Food is a big part of culture, and at El Pueblo Spanish Camp we incorporate that cultural element into our meals each day. Last summer, our campers told us that they loved la comida! Many even mentioned it as one of their favorite parts of camp. Read on to learn more about our increíble head chef, Shane Stone, and his catering company, High Haute Foods. We’ll also tell you about an opportunity to taste some of his food in a Spanish-learning dinner!

What Shane loves about El Pueblo Spanish Camp:

The people! He loves that it’s a full immersion experience for kids of many ages and that it’s an opportunity for kids to experience the language and culture. He thinks that exposing children to Latin America and Spanish speaking countries is important to their personal growth.

The food at camp:

The menu at El Pueblo is focused on Latin food from all around the world. He will incorporate cultural foods from Spanish speaking countries while keeping the food approachable and enjoyable for young people. Some foods campers might eat at camp are pupusas from El Salvador, paella from Spain, and enchiladas from México.

Shane’s experience with Spanish language and culture:

Shane has traveled to various countries with his wife, Emily (not to be confused with Emily Valdés, one of our camp directors). They have been to Perú, the Yucatán Peninsula and Chichén Itzá, and recently visited Cuba. Also, through working in kitchens with people from all over Latin America, he has been immersed in different cultures. He tries to connect with his coworkers by learning and speaking Spanish. Shane enjoys offering support to Spanish-speakers in the kitchen by making visuals for them in Spanish and translating.

How does he learn and share Spanish language and culture:

Shane interacts with Spanish everyday, and enjoys learning through interacting with a variety of topics and resources that excite and interest him. Shane listens to podcasts like Coffee Break Spanish, he uses Duolingo, and even listens to music. He also enjoys watching Spanish TV, films, and music videos, as well as reading in Spanish.

Shane’s favorite way to share Spanish culture is through food. When he learns a new dish, he tries to learn about its roots. He enjoys teaching his friends and others about the history of the plates he prepares.

Favorite food from a Spanish speaking country:

Emily and Shane love ceviche, especially Peruvian ceviche! They love seafood, and for them there’s nothing quite like enjoying seafood by the ocean.

High Haute Foods:

High Haute Foods offers in-home restaurant experiences for private parties and dinners. They also do weddings, corporate gatherings, and other celebrations and events. He started the company in January 2018 after an extensive career in the restaurant business. Their mission is to provide clients with a restaurant quality, fine dining experience in the venue of their choice. Shane enjoys connecting the food we enjoy to the process that went into its production. He works closely with local farmers, and believes in supporting small sustainable farming.

In addition to his catering company, Shane is involved in local events within the community. You may have seen him recently at the Collegedale Market doing a cooking demo. On October 5, 2019 he will be cooking a farm-to-table feast for the cyclists who participate in the Cycle Sequatchie bike race.

If you are as excited about Shane’s food as we are, come to our Adult Immersion Dinner on June 3 at 6:00 pm! You can experience his cooking firsthand. Tickets for the event will be on-sale soon through The Chattery. Contact Marisol for more information at 423-771-9137 or marisol@languagesouth.com.

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